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What are Paid To Click websites? Click Here for a Tutorial.

I canít tell you how many people laughed when I told them I get paid to click on ads for a penny each, but I can tell you Iím the one whoís laughing now... all the way to the bank!

Thereís no get-rich-quick way to making money online, any more than thereís any get-rich way of making money offline. But the truth is you can make money online.

You see most people simply lack the vision to look beyond today (let alone into next year) but trust me, these PENNIES do add up to be DOLLARS and if you get a few friends interested as well it can happen faster than you think.

The Background

Each of the programs on this page help me to earn over $100 each and every month! If you find that hard to believe, you can see my recent payments below...

Twickerz Twickerz Payout | Close Window | MyFreeShares MyFreeShares Payout | Close Window | GPTPlanet GPTPlanet Payout | Close Window | NeoBux NeoBux Payout | Close Window | ScarletClicks ScarletClicks Payout Close Window | EasyHits4U EasyHits4U Payout Close Window

Who cares if it took the best part of a year to get it all up and going, I wasnít doing much anyway except fooling around online. The problem with most people making money online is they want to start today with nothing and be raking it in by the end of the month! That GREED will just lead you to Getting Scammed!

When I realized that and started using some common sense, the whole thing turned around in a few short months. The truth is, the Internet is crawling with people looking for the same solutions you are and all you need is to get this information in front of them, NO selling involved.

There are few advertising websites that actually do pay you a decent amount to read ads and pay you even more if you get referrals to read ads too. I ended up focusing on Twickerz, ScarletClicks, MyFreeShares, NeoBux, GPTPlanet, and EasyHits4U. This core group of programs is a great starting point.

As a seasoned clicker it takes me around 30 minutes or so of clicking a day, and it's not much longer for beginners, so you won't feel overwhelmed.

Don't look for any complications, that's all there is to it!

Exactly What You Do

You will need payment processors, this is how you will be getting paid.
  • If you don't have one, get a free account with Paypal by Clicking Here

  • If you don't have one, get a free account with SolidTrustPay by Clicking Here

  • If you don't have one, get a free account with CoinPayments by Clicking Here

These are the Paid To Click programs that you will be starting out with.

You must work your PTC programs EVERY DAY.

Learn how to create a Bookmarks folder for your PTC sites by Clicking Here.

Open Twickerz, ScarletClicks, MyFreeShares, NeoBux, GPTPlanet and click on all available ads. Things will move slowly at first but once you develop a routine you will be moving along nicely. Remember, it all adds up fast when you click everyday!

EasyHits4U is a popular traffic exchange program. For each site you visit using their system you receive one visitor back to your own website/referral link. Also, you receive cash for surfing at the rate of $0.30 per 1000 sites viewed and $0.10 per each new referral.

Finally you can spend a little time promoting a website like this one to build your team more each day, or I can help you set up a page like this one (more details below). That's it, you're done!

No, these programs don't cancel you if you miss a day or two, but if you don't click yourself, you don't earn from your referrals. You can sneak out 10 minutes each day or even get someone else to click for you and still have plenty of time to do the other tasks you have online, but I bet it won't take long to realize what you've been missing when you see it growing. This is EASY MONEY!

What's Next?

  • Learn how to recruit members to the Paid To programs by Clicking Here

  • Browse Forums/Google to learn how some members earn Big $ at these sites.

  • Rest assured that with me as your sponsor, you'll have all the help you need!

  • I will help you set up your own personal referral page containing your links.

    You can see my page by Clicking Here. Your page will be exactly the same.
    (Click 'Build FREE splash page' Sign up, contact me, I will show you how)

  • Contact me with the button near my photo below if you have any questions.

The Conclusion

Are you willing to miss out on even the slight possibility of making an ever increasing income for just clicking websites and ads for a few minutes a day?

Please understand, this is an easy entry level plan for those who need to start with little or nothing and it will take time and effort to make it grow. The most important ingredient needed for it to succeed is PATIENCE. It does have the potential to take what you learn in the next few months and let you expand that into many other areas for maximum income. This is exactly how I got started myself.

The statements made on this website are ONLY my own and are the result of experiences and opinions formed over many years online. Each person who follows this plan is responsible for their own business and I make no promise of success.

How well you do yourself is determined by you and your own teams actions, not mine. However, if you follow this simple plan as I have described it here, there is No Way to Lose you simply use your spare time to collect Free internet money!

Don't over analyze this, join the programs above and get started today!

Here's to OUR Success!

Greg Neale

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